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ACC 7 Launch Announcement

This announcement is no longer active

Sonny Sekhon

Dear Technology Partners, 
We're pleased to announce the launch of the newest version of the Avigilon Control Center - ACC 7. For a detailed overview of the new features, please visit http://avigilon.com/products/video-surveillance/avigilon-control-center/.
Going forward, we are focusing on the development of the Web Endpoint API for integrations to ACC. As such, there will be no "ACC 7.0" release of the .NET SDK. To provide you with a reasonable timeframe to migrate your applications to use the Web Endpoint API, we have designed the latest ACC 6 .NET SDK to work with ACC 7.0 and subsequent versions of software within the major release of ACC 7. We will continue to provide security fixes and bug fixes as needed to the latest version of the ACC 6 .NET SDK for the supported lifespan of ACC 6. ACC 6 is expected to be supported until mid-2021 or later. Please note that ACC 5 is 'End of Life' and integrations based on the ACC 5 SDK will not be capable of connecting to ACC 7.
To correspond with the ACC 7 release, we have updated the Web Endpoint API as well. The latest release of the Web Endpoint API introduces several new features including support for bookmarks, event subscriptions, and conversion of camera IDs between the Web Endpoint and .NET SDK, and has some additional minor changes to response formats of some routes.
For more details on these additions, as well as what routes have had minor changes and what routes have been deprecated, please refer to the release notes at Web Endpoint API (7.0) Release Notes.
Thank you,
Team Avigilon

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